Sunday, March 08, 2009

View-Master 3D Travel Sets

View-Master 3D Travel Sets are coming to an end. The disk with small positive images transported the viewer to all kinds of locations around the world. As a cost cutting measure Mattel is stopping the production of the travel series of viewable disks. I guess Google images has taken over.

As a kid I must have looked at the View-Master's "Seven Wonders of the World" disk a thousand times. While I have not looked at a View-Master disk in years...the idea of losing the travel series is slightly unsettling. The format was stable and the images were unbelievably clear. The 3D effects were cool, and you could travel back in time or around the world with a View-Master and good back lighting. Like Polaroid instant film...some cool things must come to an end.


Blogger Michelle Malakar said...

My child loves google earth and google maps. He really spent considerable amount of time using these applications. I wish the library could incorportae these tools in activities for the kids and have it at their disposal. Maybe in a formal format or in the kids "hangout place" Also I think homeschoolers would love Google Earth and Google Maps.

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